I figured I'd tell tell you a little more about myself, since you're already here and might be curious.


If we're talking titles, I have a few. I'm a marketing specialist, a personal trainer, and a community volunteer. I'm a daughter, sister, girlfriend and best friend.


My passions lie in creating content through writing, designing, and collaborating as well as traveling the world and spreading my knowledge about health and fitness.


I've never really been a one stop shop kinda gal. I hate to admit it, but I get bored easily - so I'm constantly seeking new opportunities, taking advantage of adventures, and contributing to this world by being a kind, compassionate, hard-working and driven human being. 


This website is here to showcase the work that I've done for various companies and clients and to give you a taste of who I am. 

If by now you're still reading, maybe I've caught your attention - and my job here is done.