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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I've never been too much of a city gal. I'd choose the beach or mountains over the city any day! But Melbourne has a vibe about it that is rather intriguing. You want to explore, you want to get inside of it and figure out what it's all about. Our long weekend in Melbourne, we did just that! We stayed in an Airbnb smack dab in the middle of downtown on the 27th floor with an incredible skyline view. Once in Melbourne, we met up with Will, who got his own Airbnb a few blocks down. The first day we were there we explored the city by foot. We walked around and stumbled upon breathtaking street art, incredible food, and beautiful city views.

The following day we all rented a car and took on the Great Ocean Road. We managed to do almost all of it in one day seeing pretty much everything we had planned to see. It was a LONG day of driving but so worth it. Every stop we made was more beautiful than the other. We started downtown Brisbane and made our way to Geelong. From there, we drove down to Torquay where the Great Ocean Road officially started. Our first stop was, of course, the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, or heaven on earth as I would call it. Chocolate in all shapes and sizes, and the best part, taste testing! I left with a bag of adorable chocolate Easter bunnies and had to force myself not to eat them all on the road.

We continued on eventually stopping at a cute cafe for lunch where we had some absolutely delicious toasties and burgers. Stumbling upon places like that is my favorite because you're so pleasantly surprised when the foods good, the service is good and it just works out perfectly. 

We stopped a couple more times at lookouts and at one beautiful lighthouse that overlooked the coast and cliff edges, and then finally made it to the 12 Apostles. It was a bit of a cloudy day but with the sun setting through the clouds it was truly a sight to see. The walking/lookout area was rather packed with tourists, which can be a little annoying when everyone's trying to get the same picture, but we didn't let it get to us. No pictures do this natural wonder justice. Large rock formations jutting out of the ocean's waters creeping up the coastline, all different shapes and sizes.  We walked around to the different viewpoints for a bit, snapping as many pictures as we could, and then continued along the Great Ocean Road to go see some other spectacular sights. 

Not too long after the 12 Apostles, we came across Lock and Gorge, a beach encaved by towering cliffs where we took even more pictures and frolicked around on the beach as the sun continued to set. 

At this point, the sun was almost down and there was one more spot we needed to see before night fell. We arrived at the Grotto just in time, as the last of the sun lit up the sky. Another rock formation that led into the water, but this time, we were able to climb the rocks which we were livin' for. Once we got the final set of pictures we were all hangry and ready to begin the journey back towards Melbourne. We took the inland route back since it was a little faster and it was dark anyways so we wouldn't have been able to see the coastline. By the time we got back into Melbourne, it was almost 10pm and we were all grumpy and starving. With minimal restaurants still open, everyone got Subway and I honestly don't remember what I ate. I'm not even sure if I did, I might have been so tired I just went to bed and decided food could wait for the morning. It was quite a memorable trip!

After a sleeping like a baby that night, the next day we got ready to attend the Arnold Classic. We had tickets to the expo during the day and were going to watch the finals later that night. The expo was absolute MAYHEM. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but it was so cramped and there were so many freaking people that after about an hour or so I was sort of over it. However, we stayed for about 4 hours... ha. Eric and Craig loved it, of course, especially Eric, who was keen on collecting as many free supplements as he could even if that meant going back for seconds and thirds. We stepped outside for a bit to get some air and food about halfway through our time at the expo. There was a pizza festival going on so we stopped by that and the boys and Michele got some pizza, (no gluten free for me) so I snacked on some of the stuff I got at the expo. Once we got back to the expo I got a poke bowl from a food truck inside the expo, which was delicious. 

We did make out pretty well, not as well as you would think having been there almost all day. Once everyone was ready, we left to get some dinner before the night show. We ate at a mall food court so that everyone could really just have what they wanted, which was extremely underwhelming. We freshened up in the hotel and then came back to watch the finals! This was definitely my favorite part. Our seats got separated but it wasn't a big deal because we are all so focused and mesmerized at the show. It was inspiring and motivating to watch some of the best athletes compete! 

The following day was our final day in Melbourne. Everyone was exhausted from the crazy weekend so we spent the day just walking around downtown and chilling out in the Airbnb. For dinner, I found us a secluded Thai restaurant where we had the best Thai food any of us had ever had, for cheap may I add. It was the perfect cherry on top of a wonderful trip.

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