• Delaney Reyburn


Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Eric and I have started new jobs now that our time at Bond University came to an end. We are both working at a resort in Surfers Paradise, Paradise Resort, a family/kids oriented resort. Here you'll find the same people you would find on a cheap cruise... if you know what I mean. Working in the food and beverage department, we don't deal with the kids too much, mostly just the parents. Who, by consensus, seem to be miserable for the most part. It's paying the bills but it's most definitely not the most ideal job in the world. We're also both working at a bar when we can down in Broadbeach. It's a sports bar, pub style, and a pretty chill place to work. It's a bit unorganized which can be frustrating, but hey, that seems to be hospitality. Since we've officially booked our world trip at the end of our time in Australia, our eye is set on making enough money to fund our travels which are coming up in only three short months.  We both preach "do what makes you happy", "never settle", and all of that jazz, and I have to remind myself that just because these jobs aren't what we want for our future, they are a necessary step in getting where we want to go. We didn't come to Australia to start our careers, we came to make money, enough so that we can see the world. And that is exactly what we're doing, so for that reason we are definitely living our best life in this very moment. It's easy to get caught up in negative thoughts when working a less than ideal job, but it's the big picture that makes it all worth it right now. And lets be real, it could definitely be worse. As for our world trip, we're planning to leave July 24th. Our first stop will be Singapore, and then on to Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, Greece, and finally Germany. From Germany we will explore the surrounding countries as well and will get to catch up with so many relatives who I haven't seen in years. We are ecstatic to begin this adventure, even though right now it still seems so far away. The flights have been booked, all thats left is accommodation and excursions. Once we get a couple more pay checks in the bank, we'll begin booking these as well!  Once we're in Greece, which will be the start of August, Eric and I will both be starting our prep for our competition coming up in November! At first I was apprehensive about starting a prep while traveling, but after putting a lot of thought into it, I think its actually going to help us save money and it will put a completely new spin on the process. I also just feel ready, mentally and physically, to cut down. I don't have as many cravings, my appetite has decreased a fair amount and I'm ready to feel a bit lighter on my toes. I'm excited to do this together again and we'll have the distraction of all these beautiful destinations to help us start off strong. I'm also planning to do things a little differently this time, especially since we'll be traveling. I'm not going to restrict myself so long as I can make it fit into my daily regimen. You bet ya, I'll be drinking wine and enjoying myself in Santorini! 

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