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This travel blog has been a long time coming. It's something I've had in the back of my mind but have made excuses as to why I don't have the time/resources/creativity to just freakin' do it. But hey, as the saying goes "new year, new me" SO here goes... 5 months into life on the Gold Coast and its safe to say this officially feels like home. Well sort of... it feels like a continuous vacation but with laundry and work thrown into the mix. But who doesn't want to live life like its a permanent vacation? I think we got quite lucky with our living situation. Our apartment is small and nothing luxurious but you get that feeling of "ahh, its nice to be home," whenever we do walk in after being away. It sits on a golf course with the golf club kitty corner to us, but its nestled away from the main roads in a quiet neighborhood. We're just 10 minutes from shopping, beach, groceries and pretty much anything else we need. We're walking distance from our favorite cafe (Goji) where I have accumulated quite the impressive stamp card.  Upon first arriving a few months ago, things did not start of smooth. I guess that should've been a given moving to the other side of the world with a last minute notice of where we would be placed within Australia, BUT I don't think we were quite prepared for the stress that does come with moving. We started off in a shit-hole hostel with all of our personal belongings thrown in a locker with a lock that could've been cut with hair trimmers. We couldn't get access to our American bank accounts because it was Labor Day weekend, we had no form of transportation, we had no phone or internet access ALL while trying to find an apartment, have Eric run his online business, and find our way around a completely new place we knew nothing about. There were tears shed, doubts about our decision and complete chaos while trying to figure out what the hell we were doing.  At the time I remember saying, "months from now, we'll look back at all of this and laugh." Well, we're not really laughing (still too soon) but we are smiling ear to ear knowing we figured it out, all of it, completely on our own. We have a steady job, we travel often, we explore every inch of the G.C., we've made beautiful friends, we (sort of) have money, we have a car, and we are nicely settled in our homey apartment. GO US!!!  We work at Bond University, a private university that sits on a beautiful lake just 10 minutes inland from the coast. Its a small Uni, but its super extra and is notorious for its dumb, rich kids. We're considered "hosts" but we really do everything in the food & beverage department. From serving food, cleaning tables, to bartending and working lavish events, we're basically placed wherever they need us. It's not something I'd want to do with my life, but Eric and I both agree we definitely got lucky with this one. Everyone we work with is lovely, so sweet and caring. We get time off whenever we need it and we get really decent hours with great pay. Definitely can't complain. We'll continue to work here through the beginning of March and then our Visa makes us find a different job. We're contemplating looking at something in a different area - possibly Sunshine Coast or even Melbourne! We'll have to do some research to figure out what is realistic.

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