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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

One year ago, my boyfriend and I decided to pick up our life and move it to the other side of the world with little to no idea of what the hell we were getting ourselves into. We put our trust in a "working holiday" program that would supposedly land us jobs once we settled into our new home.

We were nervous, scared, but mostly excited as we began this adventure as young, hungry, go-getters ready to see the world. Once we settled in Australia, started the job we were promised, bought a car and apartment and began to feel like we were at "home", we started to explore outside of the area we were living in. We saw so much of Australia, from Sydney to Melbourne, to Byron Bay and up to the Sunshine Coast. We lived for the sunny days at our home on the Gold Coast and explored every beach near and far, taking every excuse we could to get out of work to go hike the hinterlands or attempt surfing in Byron Bay.

As we slowly but surely saved up money from our cushy hospitality job, we started booking some dream trips outside of Australia. We spent Christmas Eve in Bali, exploring the Nusa Islands as well as Ubud. We ventured to New Zealand, where we spent a week testing our adrenaline limits in Queenstown. Need less to say, we quickly fell head over heels in love with traveling and the idea of seeing the world through our own eyes. I'm lucky enough to have found a partner in life that shares this appreciation with me, and together we've found a connection and shared passion in traveling.

Our Australian visa was for one year but we had the opportunity to extend it for another year so long as we completed some farm work. This was a decision we would have had to make only about five months into living in Australia and when the time came to decide, we figured by end of the first year, we'd be ready to head back home and see our families. In the end, we both probably could have stayed longer. But we both missed family and Chipotle and American grocery stores. So instead of staying in AUS, we planned a long trip around the world on our way home to the U.S.

Towards the end of our stay in Australia, our trip couldn't start soon enough. It was starting to get chillier (with our seasons being flipped) and we were working a job we absolutely despised. We were sad to leave Australia but we were so excited for the adventure we had ahead of us that we could barely wait a second longer.

Once the time came, we quit our job (happily) and began our two month adventure making our way back to home-sweet-home. We started in Singapore, then went to Vietnam, then Thailand, then Dubai, then Greece and then took two weeks and rented a car through Europe, seeing Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. We finished our trip in England, visiting a friend we had made in Australia months before, and then made our way to Boston. It was the trip of a lifetime. The amount of knowledge Eric and I obtained about ourselves, our relationship, the world, traveling, just everything.. was more than we ever could have imagined.

Landing back in the U.S. after being gone for a year was a strange feeling. It felt so normal and yet so out of place. I was unsure of how to feel since it was all over and yet just beginning. I knew, as soon as we got back, that those adventures would forever determine how we would live the rest of our lives. We would never stop traveling. Now is the time for a much needed pause to replenish the bank accounts, work a bit on our careers and well-beings, knowing that we'll be off for the next adventure in no time. Where to next? That's still in the works.

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