• Delaney Reyburn


The next four nights in Indonesia were filled with adventures through rice terraces, lush forests, waterfalls and scooter excursions. Ubud is in the center of Bali. It's far from the coast but proudly exhibits its own beauty. The town is quite hustley-bustley, with thousands of scooters constantly cruising down the curvy roads. Similar to the Nusa Islands, it still hangs on to a very local feel. Although there is a bit of tourism, it still doesn't feel anything like the main area of Bali or other "touristy" places. The town of Ubud is home to cafes, restaurants, boutiques, temples, and plenty of locally made goods. We ate some of the best food possibly ever here in Ubud. From tacos to crepes and everything in between, we basically ate our way through Ubud. But don't worry, we did more than just eat! We stayed at Villa Loka Pala, about a 5 minute scooter ride from the main downtown area. Tucked away and quiet, the villa featured beautiful bamboo, high ceilings, and our own kitchenette. As we stepped outside our villa, we were met by a double decker pool surrounded by palm trees and traditional Balinese flowers. We were brought coffee pool-side in the mornings and used our kitchen to cook up fresh eggs. Each day consisted of a new adventure. We explored Tegenungan waterfall, Tegalalang rice terraces, the sacred monkey forest, Goa Gajah temple (otherwise known as the Elephant temple), and the Campuhan ridge walk. We watched a traditional fire dance performance and visited the traditional art markets.  We spent one evening at Swept Away at the Samaya where we began our night with pre-dinner drinks overlooking rice terraces. We were then taken in a buggy down to the river that flowed through the lush Ubud forest where we were seated for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious Indonesian meal while we watched the rushing river that was lined with lit candles. It was likely the most romantic setting I've ever seen... until the sun set and the bugs came out to play. We tried our best to ignore them but it became difficult once they landed in our food! By that time though we had nearly finished so we didn't let it ruin our beautiful night.  There is so much to do and see in Ubud and the surrounding area. Four days was simply not enough, there are still items on our bucket list that we didn't get to cross off. Would absolutely love to return to Ubud some day as well as see more of beautiful Bali. 

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